Change History

V1.1.1 23-08-2018

  • Bugs Fixed:
    • Added clean exit when pipeline is unable to determine instrument or technique used.
    • Conversion from string to integer not always works, added intermediate float conversion.
    • Abrupt exit when there were non-fits-compliant keywords. Now it attempts to fix them all automatically and warns the user. Also, it ends the execution and informs the user to try again.
  • Removed unused code and tools.
  • Relocated module pipeline.core.check_version to pipeline/core.
  • Implemented Authorized GitHub API access and added actual version check
  • Moved command line interface from goodman/bin/ to goodman/pipeline/script/
  • Specified version of cython to be able to build.
  • Added reference lamps for all usable modes for the grating 600 l/mm
  • Created method to use automatic keyword fix from ccdproc.
  • Improved help information of arguments
  • Documentation updates

V1.1.0 24-07-2018

  • Bugs fixed
    • --keep-cosmic-file would work for dcr but not for lacosmic
  • Changed organization of ReadTheDocs information
    • New structure
    • Added references to external packages
    • This page is the single place to add changes information. still exist but contains a link here.
  • Added --version argument.
  • Implemented astroscrappy’s LACosmic method
  • removed ccdproc’s cosmicray_lacosmic().
  • created default method for cosmic ray rejection.
    • For binning 1x1 default is dcr
    • For binning 2x2 default is lacosmic
    • For binning 3x3 default is lacosmic

methods dcr, lacosmic or none can still be forced by using --cosmic <method>

V1.0.3 11-07-2018

  • Bugs fixed
    • programatically access to the version number did not work because it was based purely on setup.cfg now has a function that creates the file pipeline.version which is accessed by pipeline/
    • File naming was making some file dissapear by being overwritten for files that contained more than one target the next file name would match the previous one. A differentiator was added.

V1.0.2 10-07-2018

  • Removed module goodman/pipeline/ and placed all metadata in goodman/setup.cfg.
  • Several updates to documentation
    • Added comment on how to organize data on soardata3.
    • Added link to licence on footer.
    • User manual now is in ReadTheDocs and no longer available as a pdf.
    • Improved information on debug plots
  • Bugs Fixed.
    • fixed GSP_FNAM value for reference lamps
    • Spectral limit calculation by including binning into the equation
    • Included binning in the calculation of the wavelength solution
    • Corrected messages and conditions under which the prefix for cosmic ray rejection is used
    • Image combination call and messages
  • Other additions + Added lookup table dcr.par file generator and found optimal parameters for Red camera and binning 2x2

V1.0.1 xx-xx-2018

  • Moved user manual from external repo to goodman/docs/
  • Added version checker
  • Centralised metadata (__version__, __licence__, etc) in goodman/setup.cfg
  • Added

V1.0.0 29-04-2018

  • First production ready release